How Khamila luna started

It all started in sunny Stockton, CA. I began to learn about my personal footprint on the environment and how the small choices in what I consumed made a BIG impact. I spent time reading the backs of new bottles every week that still left my skin tired and dry. Bottles filled to the brim with ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce with work conditions I didn’t understand. It didn’t seem worth it-AT ALL!

That’s when I started making my own products right from a small closet space in my home. I was determined to create something that used natural elements and still gave me the silky smooth skin I was craving. After many hours of research, experiments that left my home a mess, and actual reviews from family and friends, I found recipes that I felt good about using. So good, in fact, that I am thrilled to share them with the world.

I’ve learned you can have it all when it comes to your bath and body products. You can have the small artisanal smell of lavender and honey, with the moisturizing benefits that come from small batches. You can support a women-owned business that practices sustainability and be vegan friendly. For women that care about how and where their products are made, we have items that suit you and your family’s needs.

I have found my passion in creating vegan bath and body care elements, and at Khamila Luna, I continuously stay up to date with new research to improve my existing line-up. I also take my client’s asks seriously and love to develop new items that are both trending and good for our skin. Let’s help the planet by using biodegradable and sustainably sourced resources while making our home smell like a bake shop or candle shop.

I can’t wait for you to experience my hand-crafted selections because you deserve the smell of spring every time you wash your hands. Let’s be eco-conscious (and well moisturized) together.



Josanna Aguilar, Founder